Saturday, 16 April 2016

Where does bravery start?

When do you start to feel brave? Is it at the moment you are confronted with an obstacle or is it something you are born with - a "brave" gene?

Max Lucado makes an interesting point in his book, Fear Not. He says, "Biographies of bold disciples begin with chapters of honest terror."

Just read that sentence again... 

Today, when we read the biographies of brave disciples, we forget that many of them began their steps of faith by stumbling and being afraid. Take any number of the brave disciples as your litmus test and you will see what I mean.

Simon Peter - did he start out brave? No ways.
Thomas - how brave did he feel after Jesus died? He didn't even want to hang around with the disciples anymore.

Even Old Testament characters weren't always brave.

Gideon - was he keen for a Godly challenge? No on your life!
Moses - he wanted Aaron to go instead of him.

Our biographies may not start with much fanfare, but as we bravely hang onto the Gospel, let us pray that God equips us for his great Kingdom work.

Living in Grace

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