Monday, 30 July 2012

Wanting the best for others

I don't know Cameron van den Burgh. I have never met him or even seen him in the flesh, yet last night I cheered for him like I was his best friend. I threw my hands into the air and shouted for him every moment of his 58 second world record swim. I was so proud of him and of being a South African. I wanted him to win and was delighted for him when he stood on the podium.

It's weird, but how do we have so much emotion for someone we don't know? So, it got me thinking about whether we actually want the best for other people? It may be easier to cheer for Cameron, because I am not a threat to him (my 100m Breastwork time is just slightly slower than his - by about 10 minutes) - but can I seek the best for others who are closer to me. My colleagues, my family, my friends? Do I really want the things that are best for them or am I too proud to cheer them on?

Jesus wanted to bring out the best in others - he came to put others before himself. He suggested that we should go and do likewise.

So how about it - will you put someone before yourself today?
Just asking....

Living in Grace

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