Saturday, 31 December 2011

What will you do?

As the clock runs down on 2011 we stand on the brink of another New Year. In a few hours time we are all going to blessed with a potential 366 days in 2012. We will get the same 'blank' diary to fill and we will have the freedom to choose how we fill it. So, here are a few thoughts for you before you start adding details to your calendar:

1. What role will God play in your decisions?
2. How much time will you give to God in 2012?
3. How much of a priority will your family be?
4. How will you keep fit in 2012 - in a physical, emotional and spiritual sense?
5. What hurt do you need to leave behind as you start a new year?

Praying that 2012 will be a blessing for you.

Living in Grace

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