Friday, 12 August 2016

Trust is earned

When Jesus made the following comments to his disciples, he was implying that TRUST is something that is earned through acts of faithfulness. Well, that is how I read what he says in Luke 16

If you’re honest in small things,
    you’ll be honest in big things;
If you’re a crook in small things,
    you’ll be a crook in big things.
If you’re not honest in small jobs,
    who will put you in charge of the store?
No worker can serve two bosses:
    He’ll either hate the first and love the second
Or adore the first and despise the second.
    You can’t serve both God and the Bank. (Message - Luke 16:101-13)

How are you faring in the small things? Remember that the Lord is more concerned about the faithfulness and honesty in the small things FIRST. Once God knows our hearts, then he is willing to entrust us with greater tasks.

Living in Grace

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