Sunday, 6 March 2016

Do you depend on it?

How many times do you look at your phone in a day? Just think about it for a moment and then do the maths. If we consider that we spend about 8 hours/day sleeping (if we are lucky), then we are awake for the other 16 hours. If you looked at your phone 5 times an hour, that would make it 80 times a day, but I think that many people look at their phones more than that.

So, if you smoked 80 cigarettes a day would you consider that a lot?!
If you needed a drink 5 times an hour, would you be worried?
If you looked at pornography more than 80 times a day, what would you think?
If you felt you had to shop every hour of that day would you not be bankrupt?

So, here is the thing - I think many of us (including myself) are tending towards addiction - technology and social media have had huge impact on our lives and we are very good at justifying that we only "use them" for work purposes or to connect with others. This may be true, but then most addicts would say the same thing.

I am challenged to make sure that I am not abusing the 'gift' of social media and technology. Like all good things, when it is abused it can cause endless harm. I need to remind myself daily that I should depend on the Lord and not on other things. This is why a few friends have given up Social Media for Lent - that is a good practise - challenging, but good!

"The Lord is good to those who depend on him, to those who search for him." - Lamentations 3:25

If you are near Pietermaritzburg on Tuesday 8th March pop into the Wesley Methodist Church at 6:30pm - we are speaking openly about addiction and our guest speakers are going to be including the topics of Technology/Social Media in their address. It should be challenging indeed.

Depend on the Lord today. Use your technology, but don't let it own you.

Living in Grace

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