Friday, 3 March 2017

Breath Prayers

An ancient spiritual practise is to use a "Breath Prayer" many times in the day. This simple technique is very different from a long period of prayer, or even our quick prayers before we have a meal. A Breath Prayer is usually a sentence that we pray during the day in order to remind us of God's presence and of some crucial spiritual truth.

Here are a few examples to experiment with during the course of the next week:

"Thank you Lord for loving me."

"Jesus, you are my refuge and strength."

"O Lord, may your will be done in my life."

"Jesus, be the centre of my world."

We can actually make up as many as we like, or even use short verses from the Bible to inspire us to pray - the only thing that is necessary is to pray as often as we can. In this way, we sense the Spirit of God as close to us as possible.

May you experience the richness of God's love today.

Living in Grace

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