Tuesday, 1 November 2016

What Sound Bite is playing in your head?

Listening to Danielle Strickland's talk at the GLS last week, I was struck by this challenge:
"Each person has a story - plays a tape (sound bite) - that internally disqualifies them from leadership and their full potential."

How true is this? We all have this recording that plays over and over again, telling us that we are:
not good enough;
not attractive enough;
not strong enough;
not clever enough;
not spiritual enough;
not _____________ enough!

Danielle reminded us of the story of Gideon who used all the excuses in the book to try and run away from God's plan for his life, but God managed to convince him that he was good enough! In the end, God was right and Gideon saw the hand of God at work in his life.

What sound bite is playing in your head today? May we listen to the voice of God instead of the negative voices in our minds.

Living in Grace

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