Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Sad sights

"A stranded ship,
an eagle with a broken wing,
a garden covered with weeds,
a harp without strings,
a church in ruins -
all these are all sad sights,
but a backslider is a sadder sight still." - J.C.Ryle

I found this quote quite challenging. Initially I thought it was a little harsh on people who have turned away from God, but then I realised how true it was. When we 'backslide' in our relationship with Christ, we often become 'sad' and 'bitter.' We tend to blame a lot of people or circumstances for our position, but usually we resist returning to Christ.

Backsliding should not bring us judgement friends, but rather a desire to return to the place of Grace. If you recognise that your faith has moved backwards then don't blame anyone else - accept that this the case, ask God for forgiveness and do all you can to get back into the right spiritual space. God doesn't delight in seeing us in this state - he longs for us to be restored to him again.

Living in Grace

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