Wednesday, 13 July 2016

It is work!

Ministers are always on the receiving end of jokes about working "only one day a week". We know that these jokes are only made in jest, just as the jokes about teachers only working half-day are also made for fun. However, when I read this quote from C.F.D. Moule today it shed some light on prayer and work.

"Prayer, genuine and victorious, is continually offered without the least physical effort or disturbance. It is often in the deepest stillness of soul and body that it wins its longest way. But there is another side of the matter. Prayer is never meant to be indolently easy, however simple and reliant it may be. It is meant to be an infinitely important transaction between man and God. And therefore, very often…it has to be viewed as a work involving labour, persistence, conflict, if it would be prayer indeed." - C.F.D. Moule 

Did you notice that? Prayer = work.
So, when I am praying (on my six days of rest), I am actually working :)

Take care and have a blessed day. Don't miss the significance of prayer being a discipline and something that may require effort.

Living in Grace

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