Sunday, 25 October 2015

Get the full message

We need to get the full message first, before we jump to a wrong conclusion. Sometimes only half of the message can distort the real truth and this can cause all sorts of heartache and pain. Read this next story and you will see what I mean.

"It is reported that at the close of the Battle of Waterloo, upon the issue of which hung the destinies of Europe, the English people were anxiously awaiting news of the result. Their only means of communication was a system of signal lights flashed across the English Channel. The fog became so dense that only a part of the message was made out. It read, "Wellington defeated." 
Gloom settled upon the English. But imagine their joy when the fog lifted and they received the whole message, "Wellington defeated the enemy." (Sermon

In the story of Christianity, there was a moment when the message went out to the world, "Christ is defeated!" Thankfully, this was only half of the real story. When the fog of Good Friday lifted, the world heard the great news that Christ had defeated sin and death! 

As Christ-followers we should remember that the Full message of Jesus Christ is that there is always HOPE - we may need to wait for the full story to be told, but God has won the victory for us.

Living in Grace

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