Monday, 7 January 2013

From the right angle

We had the privilege of stopping in at the Mandela Capture site on the midlands, this last weekend. It is indeed a wonderful piece of architecture. Of course, when you look at it from an angle or a distance, it just looks like a mess of steel poles. However, when you get up close to it and stand in the right spot, Mandela's face comes into full focus. It is a wow moment!

Sometimes, our faith is a little like this. If we look at our lives (and faith) from a random place, it may seem as if things are a mess, but in truth they may not be. When we look at our lives with God's eyes we may be overwhelmed with the image it projects.

God is always looking to make something awesome out of our lives. Let's trust in Him to show us the true picture.

May God's grace be with you

Living in Grace

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