Sunday, 2 November 2008

I Wonder

Just finished reading a great article by Mark Batterson, which is an excerpt from his book, 'Wild Goose Chase.' He speaks about the Holy Spirit and how we often try and tame GOD, thinking that we know best how to control Him. One of his quotes goes like this: "I wonder if Churches do to people what Zoos do to animals?" - this is in the context of taming our natural instincts. Sometimes we are like this in the Church. We try to tame and control ourselves, just in case we offend people or we are misunderstood. However, when we live for Jesus, there can be half measures. We need to dream big and abandon it all for the sake of the Gospel.
May you be 'wild' for Jesus this week - don't let the opinions of others tame you into a placid form of discipleship.
Live in Grace - everyday!

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